West Boro “Let It Go” reaction.

Disney is supposed to be magical, you horse faced bitch. Close your mouth with those fucking crusty teeth and please never sing again. Especially when it comes to Disney or Frozen. Both of those are magical things, that are actually magical.  

Doesn’t need your childish ass hate. PS. How does it feel to know the only thing Fred will ever be known for is being a childish hateful bastard?

Let me get this straight.

So, you can give a douchebag five fucking chances if not more, but when I fuck up, the whole god damn world is over. 

Oh. Okay. 


How one person who you care about so much can make you feel like the biggest piece of fucking shit. 


People are fucking scum, and they only want to break you down. 

That is all.   

Good point.

"And if you’re so clever, then why are you alone tonight?"   

Again, totally feeling this. 


Why the fuck, can’t I just be happy? 

Why can’t for once, something turn out the fucking way I want it to. I’m not asking for a miracle, I’m asking for a fair return. 

One more for the night? From me.

I’m only in the dirt because you put me there. 
And now all you ever do is just sit and stare.  

Questioning why I’m so fucking crazy. 
Bitch, you know I’m the way I am cause you made me.
I’m something else now, onto wronger things. 
All because you were just pulling on all the strings. 

Now that I’m down, you just walk away, saying that you’re done. 
But look at me, does it look like I’m having any kind of fucking fun?  

You could at least come around, and ask how I’ve been. 
But you never even talk to me now, acting like I’ve performed a sin. 
There was a time where you were number one in my eye. 
Nowadays, I wonder what you’d do if I were to die. 

"I need to be alone like the way you left me." - Childish Gambino 

And why?

Why would you leave me? The fuck did I do to you? 
Filled of anger and no reasons. You forget who you’re talking to?  

I would’ve done anything for you, took a shot to the head. 
Now you’re just blowing me off, like I’m the living dead.   

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